Category : Managing the Subscriber Profile

Process payment using tokens

Jul 08, 2015

In addition to the existing payment methods available (cash, check, etc.), you can also process payment for subscribers using tokens. Getting Started: Allow TOKEN payment method Open the ISP Configuration window, go to the Subscriber Portals → Online Signup panel, and then the Payment Options section. Click

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Upgrading a Package in UBO

Aug 12, 2014

To upgrade to a new package, you want to add the new package first, then move all active services to the new package. This ensures there is no interruption of service to the subscriber. To upgrade a package first select a subscriber. Go to the packages tab. You will see the subscriber’s current package. We

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To Prequalify a Subscriber

Aug 07, 2014

While in the process of adding a new subscriber, you can directly open your Equipment Map to prequalify the new subscriber’s location for equipment. In the Add New Subscriber wizard, simply click on the Prequalify button and your map will automatically open in your browser.    It pinpoints

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Incomplete and Conflicting Data for Subscribers

Nov 06, 2013

After data migration, you may encounter a subscriber highlighted with red-colored text when using the software. This would either mean that the subscriber has incomplete data or conflicting data. Continue reading “Incomplete and Conflicting Data for Subscribers” »

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Activating a Service

Oct 09, 2013

Service activation affects the activation of the package. Once a service of a package is activated, the package that contains that service would automatically be activated. Continue reading “Activating a Service” »

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