Category : Powerful Management Tasks

Process payment using tokens

Jul 08, 2015

In addition to the existing payment methods available (cash, check, etc.), you can also process payment for subscribers using tokens. Getting Started: Allow TOKEN payment method Open the ISP Configuration window, go to the Subscriber Portals → Online Signup panel, and then the Payment Options section. Click

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Configuring Captive Portal in the ISP Configuration

Jul 07, 2015

You can generate the html files, which you can then upload to your Mikrotik router. You may use point to or use the html files to customize your Captive Portal in the Ultimate Back Office software. Open the ISP Config window and go to the Captive Portal panel. The Welcome Name (which is editable),

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TowerCoverage: An Accurate Tool for FCC Reporting

Dec 10, 2014

Section 5.3 of the FCC’s 477 reporting requirements is for all blocks where you *can* provide coverage, not just the blocks where you have subscribers. Be sure your report in Section 5.3 is accurate to help prevent large telcos from securing government funding to roll competing services in areas

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Authorize VISP to Access TSM Google Calendar

Nov 25, 2014

Google now has an authorization process that would restrict the UBO to continue accessing the Google Calendar of the accounts that you provided in the STEM Settings. In order to continue connecting your Google Calendar with UBO, you would need to allow access for UBO to access the calendar.

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Upgrading a Package in UBO

Aug 12, 2014

To upgrade to a new package, you want to add the new package first, then move all active services to the new package. This ensures there is no interruption of service to the subscriber. To upgrade a package first select a subscriber. Go to the packages tab. You will see the subscriber’s current package. We

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