Category : Operational Notices

Load time delay and UBO stability fixes

Sep 14, 2018

We’ve identified an issue with Oracle’s Java Runtime Environment updates after Java 8 that cause painful delays in load time for UBO. It could take over 5 minutes to load UBO – time enough to brew a pot of coffee! Not cool when you want to get work done fast. Follow these Instructions to fix

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Ticket Type as calendar entry of a ticket

Jul 30, 2018

The CEO Roundtable is an ideal place to share feedback and ideas. At a recent Roundtable, one savvy ISP pointed out that Ticket Type is much more useful to lead a Google Calendar entry than a Ticket ID. We took a vote among the present participants and agreement was unanimous, including the idea that

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Transition from UBO Java to Web

Jun 07, 2018

In January 2019, Oracle will require businesses to have a commercial license to get future updates. Current Java Runtime Environments up to version 10 will still run after January 2019, and updates to Java 11+ will be available only with a paid license. You’ll see this, or you may have seen this as

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Embrace the modern Account Manager and Online Sign-up portals!

Jan 19, 2018

The legacy Account Manager and online sign-up pages have been around for years, but the time has come to bid them farewell and embrace the modern Account Manager and Online Signup portals. Two weeks from now, if you are currently set to use the legacy pages, they will be automatically updated to the

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UBO 8 Beta : Prorating option for invoicing after making billing setting changes

May 25, 2017

In addition to being able to configure how packages are billed when they are added or suspended, you can now also set a separate rule on how subscribers will be billed after their billing settings are changed. This setting can be accessed through the Settings window -> Billing -> Invoicing ->

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