Effective SMS Text Messaging Through the UBO

How do you notify your customers if there’s an emergency on one of your towers? Do you give them a call, send a mass email, post a message on Facebook, or do you send a quick text message? Some WISPs prefer to use multiple channels to inform customers, but for quick notices or updates on repairs, text messages are the most effective.

Ultimate Back Office 7.6 Desktop App now available!

As of October 2018, Java is the world’s second most popular language. It was the leader for years but recently unseated by fast and efficient Python. Why? Java is getting long in the tooth. At Visp, we’re eagerly developing a powerful new web version to replace Java UBO that’s built on the world’s most advanced enterprise architecture. It’s incredibly fast and flexible and can do some amazing things for your business and your team’s productivity.

Items List Feature

Do you manually type the same additional line items on the subscriber’s invoice? Example, rental fees, static IPs, E911 charges. Now, you can quickly select items from a drop-down to add to the invoice. It makes sense to automate...