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WISPAmerica 2014

Did you know it took only 3 years for the internet to reach 50 million Americans? In comparison, network television took 13 years and it took almost 38 years for radio to reach that same number. Rapid adoption of the internet was fast and swift. We see the same trends happening with video now. Netfix, Hulu and the like have changed the way people watch TV. Companies like Disney are signing deals to get their content online for all to watch when they want to, no matter where they are. This is changing how people view and use their internet. They are addicted, and the addiction is only getting stronger.

Here’s some other statistics you may not know or haven’t thought about recently – a study on employee job satisfaction revealed that: 40% of workers feel disconnected from their employers, 67% of workers do not identify with or feel motivated to drive the company’s business goals and objectives, and 25% of employees are just “showing up to collect a paycheck.”

Retention of skilled employees is KEY to your success! Internet Providers must stay ahead of the game by keeping up with rapid changes in technology. What is your company doing to make sure turnover is low and morale is high?  How are you keeping your company up-to-date on the rapid changes?

When you miss opportunities to meet with others in your industry, you miss a chance to speed up your own success; everything takes longer to accomplish, and you watch your competitors capture more subscribers. They make it look so easy yet, you can’t figure out how they learned how to dominate an area like they did. So you start to compete on price and they still beat you. Well it’s no secret. They learn from the trade show they attend, and they simply make the time to work on their business instead of always working in it.

Learn how other WISPs strategically develop tactics to handle some of the same challenges you have. Create relationships with other WISPs and vendors. These relationships can help you grow and dominate your market, train your team, and improve your profit. The book, “The Art of War,” by Sun Tzu, puts it this way, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” We all know how bad noise can affect our wireless business. So take the time to learn how to put strategy into you business marketing, run your network more efficiently and just plain have a good time away from the office, without feeling guilty about it.

WISPAmerica is the answer, and we’ll help you get there at a reduced cost: Go to http://www.wispamerica.net/ and enter the reregistration code: VISP and save $50.00. Don’t forget to stop by the Visp Booth and get a picture with Ronni, your Client Success Specialist, and get another $50.00 credit on your Visp invoice.

You will get the knowledge you need, to beat your local competition, and learn the strategies to gain advantage over the Cable, Telco’s, and Satellite providers.

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