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How to Handle Botnet Issues Affecting your MikroTik device

Aug 03, 2018

MikroTik issued an advisory to address a rogue botnet that is using a vulnerability in the RouterOS Winbox service, that was patched in v6.42.1 on April 23, 2018. All RouterOS devices offer free updates. Make sure you update your devices with the “Check for Updates” button. To prevent being affected,

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Set bill start date to a past date

Sep 12, 2016

When you add a new Package to a subscriber, there might be a situation when it’s after the 1st of the month but you want to begin the billing on the 1st or some other time before today. Before that was not possible, but now that’s easy in UBO. Simply select a past billing start date of the package

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PDF Receipts & Statements & Improved Design for all PDFs

Feb 15, 2013

One of the major enhancements in the Ultimate Back Office v6  software is the use of PDF format to view your invoices and receipts. With this feature, you can digitally archive your invoices and reprint them. The PDF file is designed professionally without needing any extra effort on your part.  It

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Login Window Enhancements

Feb 13, 2013

  The Ultimate Back Office (UBO) v6 software has a newly improved login form. The logo is now set to transparent thus making it more visually appealing. Sample screenshot of the login window. Other improvements includes: Auto-detection of weak passwords. Trim spaces of password when copied

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For Details on Fixed Software Problems — Change Log

Jul 15, 2011 developers regularly announce recent fixes within the UBO Billing and Management Software™, and these announcements are posted on the Change Log ( Continue reading “For Details on Fixed Software Problems — Change Log” »

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