You may refer to the following spreadsheets:

  1. Subscriber Information (
    • Contains subscriber information, physical and billing address, service information, subscriber contact, and billing/payment details.
  2. Equipment Inventory (
    • This spreadsheet contains information on site/tower location, tower equipment, inventory, and assigned equipment.

When ready, submit your file here. It will be queued for import.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What’s the timeline for the data migration?
    • Subscriber data and equipment migrations happen from Mondays to Thursdays only. If you have all the information available, the import can take within 2-3 business days.
    • Once the initial import is complete, you want to ensure that everything has been imported correctly. It may take 2-5 import updates to get all your data added correctly.
  2. Where do you send your completed spreadsheets?
    • You may send your file via
    • DO NOT add or include plaintext credit card information on the spreadsheet.
  3. How do we re-add or import subscriber credit card information?
    • Subscriber must re-enter their credit/debit card or echeck information thru their Client Account portal, or they can to have you re-enter it for them.
    • Verify with your data migration expert if AutoPay or automatic billing has been set to run close to the date when you will be entering your credit/debit card information.
  4. Can I add certain fields not available in the spreadsheet?
    • Old Account Number
      • As long as we can map and export fields from your old system, we can import the data to VISP.
    • Old Username
      • If your username convention is an email, that can be used, however, take note that the system simply discards anything after the @sign, so basically if you enter a username,
        the is discarded, and the username “sammy,” is the only thing the system will recognize.
    • Password
      • If your subscribers are used to their old password convention, we can move that over as well. However, we can also use a default password to start everything fresh.
    • Notes
      • Old notes or comments from your old billing system can be migrated over to VISP
    • Invoices
      • It is recommended that Balance Forwards or Balance due amounts are imported. Old invoice numbers and transactions may cause conflicts in logic or transactional scheduling.
    • Balances
      • Balance forwards and balance dues
      • Credit or Debit memo
    • Attachments (You have to compress images or attachments
      over 10MB)

      • Contracts
      • Images