Note from CEO, Todd Grannis: While we’ve been working fervently on Version 6 and new features, it’s been a while since our last Nuuz article. We’re determined over time to match Nuuz releases to the ever increasing pace of feature releases in Ultimate Back Office.  We’re currently searching for a writer that can keep pace.  In the mean time, here’s an update of some cool new features in the new Version 6 Beta Release Candidate:

  1. The interface for the “Rebilling fee” (that’s a nice way to say “Late fee” that may get less resistance from your subscribers) has been updated.
  2. We’ve added a new Grace Period feature that gives you and your subscribers flexibility to keep them from getting suspended for being just a few days or a few dollars past due.
  3. Each of these can be configured with default settings in the ISP config or they will support custom settings for each subscriber for those few subscribers with which you may have a special relationship or special circumstances (such as a retiree who gets their monthly check on a certain day of the month.

Check these features out in the ISP Config and on the Billing Info tab of any your subscribers.
Further information about this new Late Fee feature can be found on the wiki here: