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DHCP Authentication in VISP

by | Jun 19, 2019

DHCP Authentication in VISP

Are you using RADIUS? Do you authorize, authenticate and account for subscriber network usage? Are you using DHCP or PPPoE?

These are some of the questions you will come across when you control the usage and access of your network services. There are many ways to authenticate — most commonly, with a username and password stored in a subscriber’s device. Older ISPs that offer Dial-up or DSL service often prefer this method.

Another method is to use the Client Premise Equipment or CPE’s MAC or IP address to verify if a user should have access to the network. Modern ISPs prefer this method to easily swap out devices during maintenance or repairs.

Different ISPs may have their own unique way for managing subscriber access to the network.

DHCP Authentication in Visp.net

Your Visp Ultimate Back Office Billing and Automation software also supports DHCP authentication and activation. When you setup your package in Visp, select the Internet service so you have the right fields to begin adding your subscriber’s MAC or IP address.


Authentication and Provisioning

The system is redundant, scalable and automates control of subscribers’ access, speeds and usage.

Automated Suspension and Reactivation

Train your subscribers to pay on time and make payments easy to get back online.

Activation Servers Fuel Growth

Speed up on-boarding for point-to-point or point to multi-point connections and Wi-Fi at RV parks, campgrounds or marinas.

“It does what I need and more, the support is top notch.“

~Tristan Livingston (NTX Fiberwave)

“Congratulations on having such fine staffing quality on your front lines.“

~Ned Schuman (Founder, Olympus)

“Amazing how quick you guys get things done!“

~Renaldo Coakley (Coakster Wireless)

“Always works, always getting improved. Thanks VISP Team!“

~Louis Uttaro (Oso Internet)

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