If you’ve been using Ultimate Front Office for a while, you may have had occasion to wonder why the software had been named as such. While it is used in your front office where you interface with your subscribers, you also use it extensively for back office operations.
We’re always listening to feedback from our partners like you. It turned out that many of them are bemused with this choice of name, especially as the software evolves to control more and more back office operations; they often refer to the Billing and Management software as their “back office” software.
Ok. Good point. We hear you.  =)
After some careful consideration, we’re making a subtle change to the name. So beginning with version 6, say hi to UBO — Ultimate Back Office Billing and Management Software™.

It’s the same handy application you’ve come to know and love, plus the most powerful new features we’ve ever released, and now with a more comfy name that’s less likely to be confused with a UFO.  😉
Watch for more announcements for version 6 released into beta as soon as December, as we finish up some important features critical to the beta cycle.