6 Strategies the Business Elite Leverage to Ensure Conference Success

by | Mar 13, 2019

Are you attending WISPAmerica? Want to get more from your investment? Try these 6 tips used by business elite to maximize ROI.

Ahead of WISPAmerica, look beyond basic advice to get even more from your investment.

If you’ve attended conferences in the past, you know the drill. Target the educational tracks that you want to attend, the speakers you want to engage and the buddies you want to reconnect with. In other words, have a plan in mind even if you don’t commit to it by putting pen to paper or stylus to iPad.

These preparations help you build a solid roadmap to benefit from your conference attendance. But, if you want more, here are 6 tips used by the elite to gain massive success from trade show attendance:    

  1. Shake Things Up a Little

It’s okay to voice a differing opinion – in fact, it can add depth to a roundtable or panel discussions. Be open to learning more about your views by sharing your alternate opinions and invite responses to ignite great discussions.

  1. Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity can create dynamic moments that transform your experience. Always leave time unscheduled because you can’t go off to lunch with an interesting tech consultant or get into a deep discussion about backhauls between sessions if you’re time-committed every moment of the conference.

  1. Volunteer as a Speaker

Another way to drive the content discussion is as an expert speaker or panel participant. You can learn just as much from the discussions that follow your presentation – maybe more – than as an attendee.

  1. Don’t Accept Every Invitation

You’ve heard the adage, “Nothing is free.” Despite the giveaways and party invitations, the adage applies at industry conferences, too.  Remember – you paid for the privilege of being at WISPAmerica and you have an opportunity to get the most from your sizable investment. It’s fine to let loose – but, it’s difficult to make the early sessions when you’re partying hard every night.  

  1. Take Time to Recharge

The hectic pace of a conference makes it hard to meet and greet industry heavy-weights and create connections that drive the success of your WISP. Preserve your energy by taking a short nap during a conference day. If you’re tired after a full day of sessions, skip the drinks as you network — or skip the happy hour altogether.

  1. Connect with Acquaintances

Yes, it’s great to reconnect with friends, but mix it up by chatting with colleagues you don’t know very well. The WISP industry is always in flux and involved operators keep up with new developments. You probably already know what the pals in your network have learned – but what about those outside your circle? Remember the techie you chit-chatted with at WISPAPALOOZA? Find out what he’s learned since then.

The fun and profit are in the discovery – so as you prepare for the conference in Cincinnati, aim to learn as much as you can while you’re there. And while you’re there, stop by booth #301, just inside the main door and learn how Visp supports your success.  


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