A Marketing Strategy Guaranteed to Win Subscribers

by | May 2, 2019

Use advanced tactics to engage prospects at each stage of the buying journey to get more WISP subscribers.

Subscribers are the life-blood of your operation, so they’re never far from your mind. Without them, the work you put into building towers and configuring an effective network is for nothing.

Even if you have a stable subscriber base, you should have a continual plan to enroll new subscribers. A consistent influx of new installation fees provides capital to expand into new areas. Plus, a well-funded competitor may enter your market that adds competitive pressure.

Even if it’s not critical for you to add new subscribers, it’s better to have a good marketing process in place instead of scrambling to put one together when you start to feel the pressure from competition.

Get New Subscribers

“Adding Subscribers” is one part of the “3 Ways to Grow,” a business growth principle that was first introduced by Jay Abraham. This straightforward method tells you in direct terms that new subscribers have to be part of the equation that builds a thriving business.

There’s nothing wrong with hiring a marketing firm to attract and engage qualified prospects but, it could cost big.

Save some green and build a plan to attract new subscribers yourself. Model your messages to a little-known, but effective marketing strategy – the customer journey. It allows you to engage prospects at every part of the buying process: Awareness, Consideration and Decision-Making.

Customer Journey: Awareness

It makes sense that prospects must be aware of you and your services in order to become a new subscriber. At this stage, they’ll want to know your WISP’s name, contact information and the benefit of becoming your subscriber. Do you offer reliable internet at a reasonable price? Outstanding service? Something else?

How fancy you get with your communications’ media is up to you. It could be a simple headline, your WISP’s name, the area you serve and how they can contact you. The message can live on your website landing page, Facebook page or ad in a local paper:


Jet-Power Your Internet with Rocket

Serving Pierce and Truman Counties with packages that start at $59/month!

Rocket Internet




When prospects keep seeing these bytes of information on local or digital ads, they connect Rocket to “fast and reasonable internet.”

The message is short enough to print on the back of your business card to make it more valuable as a marketing tool and get more WISP subscribers.

Customer Journey: Consideration

At this stage, the prospect is already aware of your WISP. They’ve seen your ads once or twice and they’re‘ interested in more information, like the different packages you offer, the service associated with the packages, their cost and speeds.

Your website is an ideal place to put this information – perhaps on a “Services” or “Packages” page.

This information can also fit on a “one-sheet” flyer or an email. Make sure your phone number, email address and website are prominent, along with any offers that could motivate them to buy now, like “Ask us about our limited time Free Installation offer!”

Customer Journey: Decision-Making

At this point, the prospect has been reviewing your WISP’s offerings and is on the verge of signing up for your service.

Help them make the right decision by providing deeper information, like your level of expertise and your history of creating happy and loyal subscribers.

Add customer testimonials to your website to convince prospects who are on the fence about why they want your service.

You can add even more value by providing tips to your subscribers on topics like how they can optimize their gameplay or streaming. Create a 60-second explainer video, send a short email or write a blog article.

These communications don’t have to be fancy, they just have to provide valuable information and raise your authority as an internet expert to be effective to get more WISP subscribers.

This isn’t a comprehensive blog about WISP marketing – it’s written and posted to get you thinking about how to engage your prospects at every stage of their journey. Whether you engage a marketing firm or not, this information helps you create tactics that keep your WISP top of mind at every stage of the buying journey.

To learn more about marketing tactics, check out previous WISP Success blog articles. You’ll find tips to get new subscribers in 2019 and how using the power of Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) grows your WISP. The tactics discussed, such as wearing a hat or shirt with your WISP’s logo (awareness) and asking customers for testimonials (decision-making), fit with the customer journey strategy.

Check back here in coming weeks to find out how to utilize the other two elements of the 3 Ways to Grow and get more of your subscribers’ discretionary income to drive your success.

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Know Your Customers to Win Big

Yes, outstanding customer service will pay off in the long-run. The real point is that the payoff comes when you know your customers and focus your service, marketing and retention efforts on subscribers like them because they are a fit to your WISP. These customers are willing to pay your fees and they complain the least, and you don’t have to work as hard to get them on-board or to retain them.

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