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After an eventful conference, you may feel exhilarated, exhausted or a combination of the two. You brought home bags full of golden nuggets of information — the problem is, your WISP wants your attention.

Before you get deep into your day-to-day work and the gold from workshops, round tables, networking and new faces fade from memory, take a moment to organize your info and plan to put it to use to elevate your operation.

You don’t have a lot of time, but these steps won’t take a big chunk out of your schedule. This simple approach gets the value out of the giveaways and cards in the shortest time possible: 

Step 1: Prioritize

You had goals in mind when you stepped off the plane in Las Vegas. Separate materials into “keep” and “toss” piles according to how well they fit your goals. Do the same with the business cards; check your notes on the back to find out why you wanted to connect in the first place.

Step 2: Review and Organize

Evaluate the materials you want to keep. Decide how important each is to your short-term and long-term goals. For instance, if radio replacements are on-going, keep all the relevant supplier information handy, but put all materials about less urgent matters in another folder. 

Use the same process for the business cards. If there’s a fellow WISP who uses a new brand of radio and wants to share info with you, that card is at the top of your action pile. WISPs you’d like to get to know but you’re not sure how you can help each other belong in the “later” pile. 

Step 3: Act

It’s time to act. Create a simple road map — don’t spend a lot of time on this — it shouldn’t take more than 5 to 10 minutes to organize.  

Give yourself a deadline, otherwise, the goal gets lost as staff, subscriber and equipment matters crop up. 

And, if you want to connect with another WISP or vendor, don’t just send an email and forget it. Calendar a follow-up so you’re reminded to keep moving toward your goals. 

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