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No matter how skilled your crew or how familiar you are with your coverage area, wasted truck rolls are expensive. Sure, tools exist to improve subscriber prequalification estimates, but with low accuracy, a location can prove to be less than ideal, crews can scratch their heads and potential subscribers can still end up disappointed. Just more wasted time, unproductive salary and lost gas costs for you.

But what if a tool existed that mapped a prospective subscriber’s property to one-meter accuracy that your back-office staff could quickly use before a truck ever heads out?

When a prospect calls, the exact location allows a staff member to discover whether the target location can receive internet service – and it predicts the best install point.  Your customer service representatives can discuss mounting requirements, available package speeds, WiFi router location and cable routing options and put all of the notes in the installation ticket, saving  your field staff valuable hours. 

Introducing cnHeat Locate for Subscriber Prequalification

A radio frequency planning service from Cambium Networks™, cnHeat Locate predicts your wireless coverage within one meter of accuracy and identifies the best possible wireless install locations in longitude, latitude and height for new customers. It uses information from radar systems which maps the tops of trees, buildings and anything else in between your customer and the Access Point.

subscriber prequalification

Stop nonproductive truck rolls with an accurate subscriber prequalification tool.

cnHeat Locate is one of three available cnHeat services. The other two are ‘Identify’ (identify buildings with RF coverage) which can help you find potential customers by latitude and longitude which is convertible into addresses, and ‘Optimize’ (optimally place a Greenfield site over a subscriber module) to help you find optimal locations for new tower sites. 

This article is focused on cnHeat Locate which is designed to help you locate the right location for installations on homes and even in yards.

 What is it?

It’s a radio frequency planning service that uses high-resolution Lidar data to predict the best possible wireless install locations. The accuracy of the heat maps saves time and labor costs on installs.

You will know the right location to put the hardware and what services the customer can get before you ever leave the office. Your installs will have a higher success rate.  

A WISP customer uses cnHeat Locate for every install and finds that it is so reliable that he nearly always installs at the exact location and receives the predicted signal levels on almost every install.

How cnHeat Locate works.

cnHeat uses a signal strength indicator (RSSI) that appears as different colors on the heat map that correspond to different signal strengths and tell you which plans can be sold to subscribers. 

The longitude and latitude of the location determine whether service can be extended to the customer. If the location isn’t serviceable, a truck roll is avoided.

It’s easy to use.

cnHeat Locate is easy and intuitive to use even for untrained customer service representatives.  Customers calling in and requesting service can be told quickly if service is possible and expectations can be set as to the type of installation that will be required.

Re-map “Lost” Customers

Go through your failed installation list and cnHeat Locate could find those good installation spots that were missed previously. Go through subscriber prequalification again and you may just capture new revenue that you thought was lost.

cnHeat Locate can be added to your Visp.net billing subscription for just $12.50 per month, per tower site. If you have questions – we have answers. Just reach out to success@visp.net or call 541.955.6900.