WISPAmerica is Coming Up — Got a Strategy?

by | Mar 6, 2019

Set yourself up for success at WISPAmerica with these simple steps to ensure you reach your WISP conference goals.

If you’re in search of a purpose, building a core personal networking group is a worthwhile conference strategy. An industry conference like WISPAmerica is the ideal time to populate your network with technology, operations, field and regulatory experts, as well as business people willing to discuss the ins and outs of operating and growing a WISP.

Use these ideas to get you started:

Establish Goals Before the Conference

One key tip – go to this WISP conference with your goals in mind. Since no one is an expert in all areas of business or operation, identify the areas you want to know more about, find and connect with other WISPs  who are experts in these areas and you’ll be on your way to build your own technology think tank.

Think Tank Construction at WISPAmerica

Conference materials are a great planning resource. Review the event agenda to identify potential network partners. Look for the subjects you want to know more about and the expert speakers who can provide the information. After the session, hang around to talk with the speaker.

If he or she is busy, strike up conversations with WISP owners around you — the goal is to create relationships with people who can help you and sometimes it’s the WISP operator who’s sitting right next to you.

Take advantage of WISPAmerica’s open forums to get to know other attendees. You never know who you’ll meet while you’re swigging coffee or waiting in the hall for the next educational session to begin.

Some vendors are only after a sale, but the good ones will know that building a relationship is more important than closing a fast deal. Spend time with the vendors who are willing to share ideas that support your success goals.

Strengthen Industry Knowledge

There are always areas of WISP operation, technology or business processes that you want to know more about. WISPAmerica is the ideal place to add to your know-how. Look over the program agenda and cherry-pick the educational tracks, round tables and panel discussions to attend.

The fun of any WISP conference is the discovery – the new ways to do business, new technology and the new connections you make discussing the craziness of the business. Enjoy your journey. And, while you’re at it, stop by Visp.net booth 301, just inside the main doors during WISPAmerica.

Thank you to Ryan Everton for providing the photo for this post. His work appears on Unsplash.com.

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