Your Best Salespeople Pay You. Here’s the Scoop on ISP Promoters

Here's the Scoop on ISP Promoters | VISP - ISP Billing System

Authentication and Provisioning

The system is redundant, scalable and automates control of subscribers’ access, speeds and usage.

Automated Suspension and Reactivation

Train your subscribers to pay on time and make payments easy to get back online.

Activation Servers Fuel Growth

Speed up on-boarding for point-to-point or point to multi-point connections and Wi-Fi at RV parks, campgrounds or marinas.

There are many subscriber acquisition tactics. They can be expensive, like hiring a marketing firm and running TV ads; or they can be inexpensive or even free. Guerrilla marketing tactics (think flyers under wiper-blades) can be low- or no-cost and word-of-mouth promotions are often free. While these strategies can pay, there is one approach that amplifies your rewards – creating ISP promoters.

Transform your best customers into an unstoppable sales force of raving promoters for your business. Let’s explore how to identify potential promoters and how to inspire them to become enthusiastic advocates for your business at no or low cost.

Get Exponential Growth From Your Best ISP Promoters

An astronomical 83% of people say that word-of-mouth recommendations influence their buying decisions. Why wouldn’t you want to guide the customers who are loyal to your ISP to become word-of-mouth marketers for your business?

How do you do it? Commit to making your subscribers the happiest customers on the planet. Driving happiness is a multi-step process and your staff must be committed to the process.

Establish service guidelines, including how quickly your team can respond to service calls and follow up to verify a repair or upgrade ticket. When your team achieves a high level of service, determine what else you could do to drive happiness to create more ISP promoters.

If you want to learn more about how to encourage subscribers to become your promoters:

Here’s how to make sure your happiness initiative is making your customers happy –

This One Number Gauges the Health of Any Business

The Net Promoter Score* offers a snapshot of your business health from your customers’ perspective. To arrive at the score, gauge your subscribers’ satisfaction with your services. This article helps you can uncover your best subscribers so you can turn them into promoters.

Elite Business Skills for ISPs

Get insight into the best business minds – Cuban, Branson and Bezos, who offers wisdom about how your customers become ISP promoters.

The ISP Success Blog explores all things ISP, including business strategies, new tech tools and apps that will help you streamline and take control of your daily operation so you can grow. After all, your success is not optional.

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