There are many subscriber acquisition tactics. They can be expensive, such as hiring a marketing firm or running TV ads; or they can be cheap or free, like guerrilla marketing tactics and-word-of-mouth promotion. 

The singular approach that works for every business is to transform their best customers into an unstoppable sales force, so they are raving promoters of the business.

This July, the WISP Success Blog explored how to identify potential promoters and transform them into enthusiastic advocates for your WISP at no or low cost. In case you missed it, you can read about it here:

  1.       Experience Exponential Growth with Your Best Promoters – Discover low-cost, low-effort ways to encourage subscribers to promote your WISP.
  2.       This One Number Gauges the Health of Any Business – Here, you’ll learn about the Net Promoter Score* that offers a snapshot into the health of the business. Plus, this article tells you how to weed-out your best subscribers so you can turn them into promoters.
  3.       Elite Business Skills for WISPs – Get insight into the best business minds – Cuban, Branson and Bezos, who offers wisdom about how customers become promoters.

In August, the WISP Success Blog will explore new tech tools and apps that will pack more punch into your daily operation – and watch for a new blog from WISP Consultant, Joshaven Potter, about the techniques that support WISP Profitability.

Thanks to Austin Distel for the image in this blog post; you can find more of his work at 

  • Net Promoter Score:
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