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July Roundup: Free Profits and Kill Waste with Lean

Jul 25, 2018

You’ve done the hard work to get your business started and you get to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Now, optimize the harvest each month and reap the rewards of true financial freedom. The Lean methodology is your key. Is there a better month to explore freedom than July? Gain your independence from

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Lean Wisdom: Implement Lean into Your WISP

Jul 17, 2018

Keep fat where it belongs — in your profit! Waste reduction is an inescapable part of Lean. Last week’s blog described how to implement a continuous improvement process into your workflow. It makes sense from the efficiency and cost-savings perspectives, but it could seem complicated when you’re

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Lean Wisdom: 7 Steps to Reduce Waste and Costs

Jul 11, 2018

It’s one thing to know that waste reduction is important, it’s another thing to find and eliminate it. With so many moving parts to your WISP operation, where’s the best place to start? And, is it worth it? The short answer is, “Yes!” Even if you’re an efficient two- or three-person shop,

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Why Lean Matters to Your WISP

Jul 05, 2018

Reducing Waste Unlocks Profit How Lean Principles Contribute to Your Bottom-Line One of the on-going issues most business owners have, no matter how successful they are, is how to maximize profit. It’s not uncommon for businesses to throw money at advertising and marketing campaigns without seeing

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