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Your task-driven approach gets things done. But, as revenue grows, delegating tasks to trusted staff is critical because the more CEOs delegate, the more they are freed from being personally involved, following up or asking others to report back.1

To get the time and support you want to grow your WISP, cultivate a culture that develops and rewards growth-minded employees. 

Mindsets: Growth versus Fixed 

Businesses and individuals possess one of two mindsets, fixed or growth according to Carol Dweck Ph.D., a Psychology Professor who researches success in individuals and organizations. Each mindset has unique characteristics. 

Fixed-mindset organizations put a high value on agreement. On the surface, agreement sounds good. But, when the ultimate goal is for everyone to agree, it thwarts the exchange of ideas. This path could result in “Groupthink”2 (GT) which puts a stop to growth. GT “…occurs because people are uncomfortable with conflict and differing opinions. Welcoming differences… is one key to preventing groupthink.

Groupthink Destroys Growth

Discourage automatic agreement and reliance on the status quo to grow your business. The Journal of Accountancy says GT reduces your ability to make the best decisions and minimizes the best resources every business has going for it – the diversity of experience in its people.

Growth-mindset organizations encourage discussion and education because they believe that skills can be learned and ideas can lead to innovation. They use feedback as a tool for improvement and to elevate new ideas. Growth-mindset staff collaborate and they move forward together.

Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Create an environment that banishes GT and encourages growth with these steps:

1-Hire Smart – Growth-mindset organizations hire to meet the demands of the future, not the present.3 “Direct reports who could manage the status quo were often not the ones who could help the CEO take the company to a new level.” 

CEOs surveyed for The Leaders Calendar said their number one regret was not setting high enough standards for choosing direct reports. “Many CEOs told us this was because they focused too much on the present and not enough on the future when they first stepped into the role.”

2-Identify Skills Needed for Growth – Hiring and planning for the future involves unknowns. It may not be clear which skills are needed for future job responsibilities. But, a growth-minded organization always trains, educates, dodges downswings and catches upswings; this requires agility, focus and a willingness to learn. 

Hard skills can be learned, attitude — not so much. Choose the best blend of          experience and attitude to build a staff that will propel your WISP into a growth mentality. 

3-Maximize Employees’ Potential – This includes every individual in every role, from the Operations Manager to the Billing Manager to the Installer… Every single employee contributes to your WISP’s growth mindset.

Encourage idea sharing and conversation by creating different groups – the Tech Team, Billing Team, Administration, etc. so employees who work together to find solutions, brainstorm better ways of doing things, etc.

No one said that growth would be easy – you’ve probably heard just the opposite. But, if you create a culture that is focused on growth, it will be easier than doing it on your own.

Take the additional step of surrounding your team with vendors that operate in a growth-mindset and embrace your WISP’s success. Visp.net is responsive, listens to your ideas and concerns, collaborates with your team and is committed to your growth. If you’re looking for a new billing and automation system, consider an organization that believes your success isn’t optional.