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Apps are everywhere, and they make modern life easier. Or, so they say. As a busy WISP owner-operator, get the most from the latest technology and load up on the apps that expand your capability to work from anywhere rather than entertaining distractions.

You have a lot of responsibilities  and they’re not all handled from behind a desk. On any given day, you might have to jump into a service truck to survey tower damage from a storm, take a meeting with the town council or have to handle an unexpected network issue during the intermission of your kid’s talent show.

The right productivity app will transform  phone into the ideal project management and administrative tool to juggle multiple priorities. The down-‘n-dirty list below features apps for WISPs that expand your capabilities so you can make decisions, delegate and plan from anyplace on your territory.

Think you don’t need productivity apps? It’s time to reconsider. Without updated tech, you can’t scale and will have to revert to hand-written reminders that you or your office staff must decipher. That takes time — and, as you’re growing, guessing wrong can put your long-term success at risk.

Here are the apps that can help make your day-to-day tasks easier to accomplish so it’s easier to grow your WISP:

1. Accompany – If your meetings are running you instead of the other way around, this app is just what you need. Accompany reviews your emails and sends you an overview of the meeting and includes a brief description of each attendee.

In addition to a calendar manager, it’s also a research assistant that scours the internet for news about companies and people you care about and emails you the info.

2. Salesforce1 – Your mobile device stores every single prospect with this powerful app. In addition to storage, Salesforce1 has analytical capabilities, which gives you information that could make closing a deal easier.

3. RescueTime – This time management app answers the question, “Where does the time go?” Download RescueTime onto your phone or your desktop and get a full accounting of where you’re spending your time online. This is also a good app to improve productivity in your back office, too.

4. Pocket – Tired of forgetting essential information or good ideas you want to remember? Then, Pocket is for you. This handy app will save articles and videos on your phone or computer and will even store up to 1,500 mobile apps.

5. Skype – Picture this – you’re in the field when you get a call from an employee who wants you to be involved in a discussion with a business customer that’s happening right now. With Skype mobile, you can jump right on a conference call, complete with face-timing action. Just like the desktop version, Skype mobile will record the meeting, so you don’t have to rely on memory or sketchy notes.

These five productivity apps for WISPs are to get you thinking about what will make your workday easier.  These apps expand your capability to work beyond the limits of the four walls of your office. Imagine having the tools you need packed into a tiny, hand-held mobile.

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