One Habit Ignites Continuous WISP Success

by | Feb 20, 2019

What’s the one habit forward-thinking WISPs should adopt to elevate success?

Your success is up to you — the focus, action and habits that you apply to your goals determine how far you’ll climb. But, is there a magic formula that can transport you further into the stratosphere? Yes.

Elite business leaders have a trait in common — they are lifetime learners. Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s long-time business partner and fellow rich guy said, “Go to bed smarter than when you woke up.”

Your initial reaction may be, “Impossible!” After all, you run a WISP and “full throttle” is your normal speed. Keep in mind that no one can know everything and if you don’t learn new skills you can’t reach greater heights.

How do you keep up with all the areas of your operation while gaining more information so you can grow? Here are three simple ways to fit WISP learning into your day so you can ignite and maintain massive success:

Listen to Podcasts

Travel time can become learning time if you listen to educational tapes and podcasts as you drive. Today, there are many podcasts to choose from that highlight business management and other helpful topics like discipline and WISP operations:

Tim Ferris — One of the most popular experts, Ferris’ discussions span a wide range of businesses and topics.

Jocko Willink and – Willink is a retired Navy Seal officer who teaches the arts of discipline and leadership.

Brothers WISP — Your source for all information related to building and managing a WISP.

Read Association Newsletters and Alerts

WISPA represents the fixed wireless internet business and is your voice to the FCC on regulatory issues. They follow, respond and update WISPs on regulatory rules, initiatives and industry news.

As a member, you’ll receive regular newsletters that provide the information today’s WISPs want to keep up with industry changes and maintain compliance — and, it won’t take long to scan headlines and read the articles you want to read.

If you’re not at a point in your business to become a member, you can still conduct WISP learning by reading updates on their website at

Keep Up with Industry Blogs

Who says education has to take hours at a time? Blog posts take a few minutes to read and provide relevant information that supports a growing WISP. The WISP Success Blog tackles technology and business topics specific to the industry and most of the articles take 10 minutes or less to read.

Now, isn’t your success worth at least 10 minutes a day? Schedule the time – at the beginning of the day, at lunch or before bed for WISP learning so you can add to your arsenal of knowledge and elevate your WISP into the stratosphere.

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