To process subscribers’ e-check payments you must first save their account information in the software. If your subscriber wants to pay using another e-check account, you must first remove your their existing e-check information before adding a new one. 


1. First, you must select your subscriber from the main table.
2. Click on the Billing Options tab. 
3. From the Payment Method drop-down, select eCheck.
4. Next, fill-in your subscribers’ Routing and Account Number as well as the payment type (Checking or Savings). You may ask the subscriber to call their bank to get the right information.
5. Save when done. 

After you finish adding the eCheck information, you should be able to process payments from the software, or your subscribers’ can pay via their Account Manager, using their eCheck account. 

Note: E-check payment processing is currently available for the following supported merchant providers- IPPay,, and Propay.