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Integrate PayPal in UBO

Setup Paypal Integration to Receive Debit or Credit Card Payments in VISP

1. Login to Paypal
Integrate PayPal in UBO
2. Click on the gear icon (Settings) on the upper right corner of the page.
Integrate PayPal in UBO
3. Select Account Settings
4. View the left sidebar, and under Product and Services, select Website Payments.
5. Under API Access, select Update.
6. Under the Pre-built payment solution, click on Grant API Permission.
Integrate PayPal in UBO

7. In the Third Party Permission Username (API) field, type, nmiller_ebay_api1.visp.net.
Integrate PayPal in UBO

8. Select the following permissions
– Process your customer’s credit or debit card payments.
– Accept or deny a pending transaction.
– Capture payments in batches.
9. After saving the changes, Go to your Settings > Billing > Payments > Merchant Account and select Paypal in the dropdown.
10. Type your main Paypal username (email) in the Use My Account field.

Integrate PayPal in UBO