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UBO 8 Beta : Optimize Your Network with Saisei in UBO!

Has the massive growth in video streaming affected your network performance? If your network is free from congestion issues, you can skip this Nuuz post. But if you’ve experienced network congestion issues that have affected your subscribers, you may want to consider network optimization tools. There are a number of solid solutions available. One of the best we’ve seen is built by a company called Saisei.

What is Saisei? Saisei FlowCommand is advanced Network Performance Optimization software with cutting-edge real-time network visibility, analytics and control.
With Saisei, Wireless ISPs improve customer experience through patented Quality of Experience and Host & Flow equalization. Operational expenditures drop. Saisei runs on commodity hardware in your network; no proprietary hardware is required.
Improve customer experience and reduce costs. Here’s how:

    • Get more out of your existing network infrastructure: Saisei’s FlowCommand algorithms allow you to run your network links at 95% -100% utilization, without jeopardising user experience.  Saisei optimizes utilization of your upstream, wireless backhauls, and last mile wireless connections to create positive customer experiences even during peak usage times. This increases subscriber satisfaction and retention and reduces phone calls.


    • Improve Video Delivery: Video streaming has become the number one challenge for networks.  Saisei’s patented flow-management algorithms are able to effectively manage flow rates without stalling video sessions.


    • Network Management: Through Real time granular network visibility, Saisei provides you with the tools required to instantly identify problems on your network by analysing each and every flow in real time.


    • Improve Customer Care, reduce support costs: Saisei’s advanced network analytics provides you with comprehensive information about user-experience and/or Applications in distress, resulting in a higher first call resolutions rate.


    • QoS is not good enough: QoS relies on the antiquated technique of queuing and packet shaping delivering brute-force QoS that drop sessions even at 50% link utilization. Through patented flow-based technology, Saisei manages the flow end-to-end to ensure the most optimized user experience.


  • Minimize the impact of low priority traffic on your network. While software updates like Apple iOS and Windows are necessary to keep your customer’s devices up to date – without correct management they introduce large network overhead which impacts user experience. Saisei can limit the impact of low priority traffic such as updates and torrents to ensure that the quality of high priority traffic is maintained at all times. For instance, imagine a speed test during peak usage hours that shows a 20 meg package delivering 20+ megs. That’s possible with Saisei’s FlowCommand in your network.

Configure package limits from Visp: Package speed limits set in Visp > Settings > Packages automatically set the same flow rates in Saisei’s FlowCommand. Subscriber upgrades and self-upgrades are a snap.
For the detailed guide on how to set-up the Saisei integration and use the feature in UBO, you can access the help file here.

UBO 8 Beta : Optimize Your Network with Saisei in UBO!

UBO 8 Beta : Optimize Your Network with Saisei in UBO!