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Associate Subscribers with Their Specific Access Point

Know how many subscribers are connected to a specific AP – easily tag CPE equipment and identify the AP to which it is connected.
To add an Access Point, open the Equipment Manager > ISP Site Equipment tab click on Add Equipment. Provide the necessary details and set the Equipment Type to AP.
Once you have added new equipment, click on the Location node, then select the ISP Site where you installed the Access Point.
Click Save.
To associate a specific subscriber with a particular Access Point:

  1. Select the subscriber in the main table.
  2. Go to the Equipment tab.
  3. Select the desired Equipment.
  4. Go to the Location node.
  5. Select the ISP Site to which the subscriber is connected.
  6. Select an Access Point from the list of APs available for that Tower Site.
  7. Click Save.

AP_equip tab