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Setting Usage-Based Billing

Usage based billing is a great way to keep track of your high-usage subscribers and manage users’ bandwidth.

  • Go to ISP Configuration > Packages > [wireless package name] > Usage-Based Billing

Setting Usage-Based Billing - UBO

  1. Apply usage-based billing to wireless access services in this package. – if checked, subscribers will be billed based on their internet usage per month;  if a package offers unlimited internet service, there is no need to check this
  2. Hourly-based Billing – subscribers will be billed up to the specified number of hours per month
  3. Excess Charge –  penalty per hour of excess usage
  4. Bandwidth-based Billing – subscribers will be billed up to the specified bandwidth per month
  5. Excess Charge – penalty per Gigabyte/Megabyte of excess usage
  6. Enable upgrade option on the Account Manager – if checked, a list of package upgrades will be available in the CSM

*Disconnect Subscriber – choose this only when you want your subscribers to be cut off from the service if they exceed the limit