Note: The guide below contains instructions for both the VISP Desktop and Web App. 

In the VISP Desktop App, to manually create invoices other than the ones generated by the system, hover on the Add button in the Statements tab. Select Invoice from the list that opens.  

VISP Desktop App, v7.x

In the VISP Web App, open the subscriber’s account and then click on the ellipsis on the other end of the Packages & Invoices header bar. Select New Invoice.

VISP Web App, v8.x


In the VISP Desktop App, the Invoice Items window appears, and you can start adding them items for the custom invoice. 

VISP Desktop App, v7.x

In the VISP Web App, select the category of the item and charges you are adding. Select from Package, Equipment, or Other Item.

VISP Web App, v8.x – Adding Invoices / Custom Invoices

In this example, the Other Item category has been selected and a new item charge labeled, 3-month promo, has been created. You may toggle the Recurring field and set the quantity, rate, and tax of the new item you’re adding. Save your changes when done.

VISP Web App, v8.x – Inline editing of invoice items