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New Date Bound Ticket and Cancellation Statistics Reports

Three new reports have been added to UBO:

  1. Cancellation Survey Statistics Report (Date Bound) is the date bound version of the existing Cancellation Survey Statistics Report and is based on the date the subscriber was deleted.
    • This will help you to analyze the reasons why your subscribers canceled their account for a given period.

2. The Install Revenue Projection Report (Date Bound) contains the list of subscribers who have ‘Onsite: Install’ ticket type scheduled within the selected date range and the corresponding package price currently subscribed by the subscriber.

    • This report can help you track the technicians and installs that they made for a certain period.

3. Ticket Statistics Report (Date Bound) report displays the number of unique ticket types for each technician based on the tickets scheduled within the selected date range.

    • This report can let you check the ticket count done by your technicians.