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UBO 8 Beta: NEW Streamlined Contact With Separate Billing and Technical Emails

For most ISPs, the majority of their subscribers have the same primary contact as their billing contact. But some subscribers, usually companies, have a separate billing contact. So support for multiple contacts is an important feature, but wasted space for most subscribers.
Then for those subscribers with multiple contacts, the billing contact may not want to receive technical emails and the technical contact may not want to receive billing emails.
To address these relatively common use cases, two new improvements have been rolled into the v.8 beta contact tab:

  • The Primary Contact tab and Billing Contact tab are now combined into the first tab. You can now choose to combine or separate your subscriber’s Primary and Billing contact information based on their Address and contact details. Simply click on the 3-dot menu to unlock the wonders.


  • For your subscriber emails, you can now identify the contact so they will receive only the emails that apply to them, such as Billing, Technical, and/or Marketing emails. Then when you send an email, simply choose the email type: