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UBO 8 Beta : Promotional speed upgrades for your subscribers!

One of the effective strategies to increase your profit is to upsell your services, and sometimes this will take putting in an offer from your other services as well. For example, if you want to upsell your DirecTV service, you could offer 90 days of internet speed increase to your subscriber’s current wireless package. You can set this up conveniently in UBO.
In the Settings window -> Packages tab -> select a Wireless package -> Wireless Speed Limits panel, check Allow speed limits and throttling to be modified per subscriber.


Once the option is enabled, you can then proceed to setting custom speed limits for the subscriber in the Packages tab in the lower tab -> Wireless service -> Speed Limits panel.


When the subscriber has at least one Wireless service that has custom Speed Limits settings, the Auto-Speed auto action option in the Package Auto Actions panel (accessed through the package’s right-click menu) will be enabled.


Select the Auto-Speed -> Reset After option and set how many days before the custom Speed Limits settings of the subscriber’s Wireless services goes back to the default values.