When it’s time to notify a subscriber about the amount he/she needs to pay, you can create an invoice to serve as bill. UBO Billing and Management Software has a built-in invoice template that you can customize through the ISP Configuration.

  1. Every subscriber already has an invoice ready; all you need to do is to review or edit the items (products and/or services) that the subscriber has availed and the amount he/she should pay. There are three ways to do this:
    a) by right-clicking on the subscriber on the main table, going to Accounting, then clicking Edit Invoice;
    b) by clicking on the subscriber on the main table, then going to the lower tab for Statements, then clicking Edit Invoice; and
    c) by clicking on the subscriber, then going to Subscriber on the menu bar, then to Accounting, then finally clicking Edit Invoice.
  2. Whichever way you choose, you will see the Invoice window, where you can view the invoice and add or delete items for that subscriber.Note that the invoice already lists the items based on the packages that are delivered to the subscriber (you can compare by going to the subscriber’s Packages tab, then looking at his/her invoice – the selected packages are the items that are already in the invoice).
    If there are any other items that you would like to add but are not included in the subscriber’s packages, simply click the Add Item button in the Invoice window so you can provide a description of the item and its amount.
  3. When you click OK, the item and amount will automatically be added to the invoice, changing the total amount that the subscriber has to pay.
  4. After that, review the invoice for accuracy. It is now ready to print.
    a) If you want to print it immediately, just click Print Invoice; you’ll see a preview of how it is going to look like, and you can simply click Print.
    b) Or, if you want to print the invoice later, just click the checkbox next to Add to Queued Invoices.
    c) You may also choose to print and mail the invoice using the third-party print house (learn about it here).

To learn more about how invoicing is done with visp.net’s UBO, please see our Invoicing FAQs.