Supported Merchant Processors

Choose the processor that works best with your billing operations; many of the top gateways integrate with VISP. Payment Solutions is a “white-glove concierge” service that ensures you get the best rates and features for your ISP. You’ll work with professionals that understand payment processing, and you’ll have experts to collect your payment data so your migration is secure and smooth.
Looking for great rates and better features?

The Visp payment team can analyze your statements, request quotes, and manage the application process from beginning to end. You get better rates for processing, more time to work on your business, and a dedicated team to drive your ISPs success.

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Merchant Processor Details Credit Card eCheck/ACH Tokens Refunds
IPpay* ISP specialists for recurring card-not-present transactions with auto-updater tools that keep your cash flow on track.
Authorize.net A payment gateway that’s supported by many different processors.
Elavon An innovative and secure partner for payment processing for more than 30 years..
PayPal A secure online payment system.      
Payment Express A global platform for recurring unattended transactions.    
PlugNPay Solutions for domestic and international processing.    
ProPay Credit card payment processor with options for ISPs.      
Stripe A global, technology-based solution for payment processing.   for credit card only
Oriental Bank Only available in Puerto Rico.    
Merchant Processor Details Credit Card eCheck/ACH Tokens Refunds


*Preferred Processor: The two teams communicate and work together behind the scenes to resolve your payment processing issues without you getting stuck in the middle

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