Add ISP Tower or Site Location

The ISP Tower or Site Location gives you an overview of the Towers/Site that you installed with their corresponding address. Additional features include automatic calculation of revenue per site and accounting for expenses that were set.

To add a  Site Location or ISP tower go to Equipment Menu > Menu Bar (Upper-right corner) > Site.

The ISP Site Location Dock will pop up asking for additional information.

  1. Location: Name of the area where the tower is built. (Note: you can use a different site name, depending on your preference.).
  2. Height: Optional
  3. Latitude and Longitude: The coordinates of the address
  4. Address: Physical address where it is located
    • Note: You can use either the Lat and Long or the Address, once one of the two is filled out, click the green refresh button to populate the other field.
  5. Notes: a brief description of the Site.

Once Saved, you can go to the Site Location tab to edit or add additional information. A dock will pop up to give you access to information you can update.

Location Section: Basic information about the Site. To edit, click the edit button.

Margin Section: Margin, Income, Expenses data

  1. You can update the expenses by clicking the Menu Bar > Edit Expenses > Add or Edit Expenses. Note that if the expenses are not set, the revenue will not be calculated.
  2. Additional options are available (Load Report or Export to CSV).

Attachments section: This is where you upload the documents related to the tower (e.g Lease, Contracts, and/or expenses report).

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