Add Prospects or Subscribers

To add a new subscriber, simply click on the plus sign on the upper-right corner of the page and select Prospect or Subscriber once and you’ll be redirected to the mapping category or interface.  Do the following:

  1. First, fill out all the information on the page. Sections with red asterisks are required. 
  2. In the Address 1 line section, there’s a Quality button. 
    • Click on quality to find a visual representation of the subscriber in the amp. 
  3. If the prospect or subscriber has separate billing contact information, then uncheck the “This is also the billing contact” option. 
    • Next, fill out the necessary information for the billing information. 
  4. After you’re done, click on the Account tab.
    • Provide a username and password for the subscriber or prospect. 
    • Otherwise, keep the Account Auto-Generation option active, and the system will auto-generate the username and password for the account. 
  5. Click on the Add button below.


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