Deleting a Subscriber

For UBO or desktop (Java) version, refer to this link.

Note that deleting a subscriber means cutting his or her entire account from VISP, so he or she will not be able to access any of your services at all. We advise that you consider a ‘grace period’ before deleting a subscriber.

If you’re certain about deleting a subscriber, select the subscriber and click on the three dots icon in the subscriber’s list, and select Archive.

After confirming the action, the account will be moved to the Archived column.

Note: If you want to auto-delete your inactive subscribers, you can use the Auto Action feature for it. Click here to know more about Auto Actions .

Undeleting a Deleted Subscriber

If you need to restore the profile and billing information of an archived subscriber, 

  1. Click on the Archive column to include loading the deleted subscribers.
  2. Use the filter to search for the archived account.
  3. Once found, click on the three dots icon, and select Unarchive.

 Note that the status of the newly undeleted Subscriber will be changed to Inactive since no packages and services are currently added to the account.

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