Create and Schedule a Ticket

You can create a new ticket by opening a subscriber profile and clicking on the plus sign in the Tickets section or by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right corner of the window.

Here’s how to create a new ticket:

  1. Type: Select a ticket an available ticket template or create a new template for it.
    • Onsite: Install
    • Onsite: Repair
    • Onsite: Site Survey
    • Onsite: Other
    • Phone Call
    • Add New..
  2. Summary: Provide a brief description of the ticket.
  3. Priority: Specify the urgency of the ticket.
    • High
    • Normal 
    • Low 
  4. Status: Select from the dropdown menu the status of the ticket.
  5. Assignee – Choices in the drop-down list are technicians.
  6. Followers – Default choices in the list are technicians but you can add other emails as needed.
  7. Schedule – Schedule a date for the ticket by clicking schedule, and it will be automatically assigned in the Service Desk (Kanban, Calendar, and List).

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