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API and Integrations

1 Request for API Credentials

Email: success@visp.net, or call 541-955-6900. You can also send a message via RingCentral or create a ticket here www.visp.net/ticket, for this request.

API Credentials like the one below will be shared with you via secure note/email, once your request is received and your account is set up. Take note that requests may take up to 48 hours to process.

Once you receive the API credentials from the Visp Client Success team, input them into your Extension or Instance.

API and Integrations - Visp App

2. GraphQL Documentation and Resources

For GraphQL documentation, please refer to the provided page. If you need a channel created for discussing a specific integration, feel free to send a request via email, phone, or chat.

1. Preseem Integration

How do I connect my VISP system with Preseem? How It Works Preseem polls VISP for information about site equipment and customers. Site equipment is read into Preseem’s model of (Tower, Sector). APs are SNMP polled using the IP address in UBO. Packages and their speed…


VISP chose GraphQL for our API because of the capability that it has. It only requires one endpoint, making maintenance easier and always up to date. Retrieving data for the user becomes easier as they customize their requests to only get the data that they need….

3. MarketBroadband.com Integration

MarketBroadband.com has been helping ISP’s and other home service providers execute highly effective marketing programs for over 20 years. Here’s how to integrate it with VISP. On the Main Menu, go to Settings > Extensions > MarketBroadband.com. Check the Enable…

4. Google Calendar Integration

You have the ability in VISP to schedule a fixed or a flexible date and time on tickets. Scheduled tickets are displayed on the calendar with additional information about the task and the assigned technician. However, if you wish to use Google calendar for it, here’s…

5. Quickbooks Online Integration

Requires: Quickbooks Online Account Reminders to ISPs: Data is passed from VISP to Quickbooks Online in a one-way sync. No data is transferred or synced from Quickbooks to VISP. To integrate QuickBooks Online with VISP, follow these steps: Login to QuickBooks Online…

6. Setting up an SSL Certificate – Hosting Service

Introduction to SSL Manager 1. Log in to your website control panel under Quick Access; click on Web Apps 2. From the Web Apps Overview Menu, open the Security toggle tab and select SSL Manager. 3. To get to the SSL Manager, click Install. It is recommended that you…


a. Setup and Use Avalara for Taxes

1. Click the nine-dot menu in the upper right corner to open the VISP Admin Page. 2. Click on Extensions. 3. Select Avalara 4. Toggle, “Enable Avalara Integration. 5. Choose Sandbox 6. Enter your Avalara Username, Password, and Client ID. Client Profile ID defaults to…

b. Enable Avalara in the Subscriber’s Account

1. Click and open the Subscribers list. 2. Search for the subscriber or Select from the list. 3. Click on Avalara 4. Use the dropdown to select an “Avalara Sale Type” 5. Select the “Avalara Customer Type.” 6. Toggle “Lifeline Participant,” if the customer is a Federal…

c. Setup Avalara for Packages

1. Click the nine-dot menu in the upper right corner to open the VISP Admin Page. 2. Click on Billing 3. Select Packages 4. Select the package for edit and click on the three dots. 5. Click on Edit 6. Click on Tax 7. Toggle, “Avalara Tax 8. Choose a Transaction Type…

d. Avalara Tax Configuration for Set-up Fee

To set up Avalara for your Items, do the following: 1. Click the nine-dot menu in the upper right corner to open the VISP Admin Page. 2. Choose Billing. 3. Select Items. 4. Click on Fee. 5. Type the package name on the search bar. 6. Click on the Item you want to edit…