How do I connect my VISP system with Preseem?

How It Works

  • Site equipment is read into Preseem’s model of (Tower, Sector). APs are SNMP polled using the IP address in UBO.
  • Packages and their speed limits are read so Preseem knows what speeds to enforce for customers.
  • Customer information is read. The customer ID and customer name are used, along with CPE information if it is available (IP address, MAC address) and services (IP address and package).

Subscriber Mappings

To map the traffic IP addresses to subscriber information such as subscriber name, plan and speeds, you need to integrate your VISP billing system with Preseem. If UBO automatically assigns IP addresses for you, you do need to enable one setting, called the “auto-reassign IP address” in UBO.

Step 1 – In VISP, start by clearing the IP addresses on the all accounts. If you are unsure of how to do this, consider reaching out to VISP support for help.

Step 2 – Once done with Step 1, go to Main Menu > Equipment > Equipment Accounting Controls. Ensure that the ‘Auto-populate IP address from RADIUS’ option is checked. Then, select the ‘Auto-reassign IP address when a more recent wireless device login is detected’ box.

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Step 3 – Go to Packages and enable the “Auto-update MAC address for single-device Internet services during username-password authentication”.

Step 4 – Beyond that, VISP and Preseem are fully integrated, and we will work jointly behind the scenes to integrate the two systems while you wait

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