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What’s new in VISP

We’re updating VISP regularly. Check back here to see the latest improvements and newest features.

Visp – Oct 14, 2020 8:14 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Error when activating Minerva service instance caused by localized region restriction is now fixed.
  2. Random sorting of main table which causes some subscribers to disappear is now fixed.
  3. Error message is now displayed when invalid bill method is added to the subscriber.
  4. Viewing a ticket from the Subscriber Summary now displays as a child drawer of the Subscriber dock.
  5. End term date displayed in Package Auto Actions now matches with the subscriber.
  6. Hibernating in Visp no longer sends an email to the ISP indicating the the package was hibernated in vPortal.
  7. Export to CSV for Inventory now extracts all the results in the table instead of just the current page.

vPortal 0.39 – Oct 12, 2020 9:46 PM PST


  1. Credit card table is now simplified in Payment Information page to avoid confusion. In addition, Payment Information page link is now added to the Pay My Bill page.
  2. Fields in the Account Information and Billing Information page can now be disabled individually upon request.

Visp – Oct 6, 2020 10:09 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Equipment Function field is now removed and no longer available in Visp.
  2. Equipment can now be assigned to either a site or a subscriber when accessed through the Equipment page.
  3. Equipment is now displayed in the Site Equipment tab if it is assigned to a Site and in Assigned CPE tab if it is assigned to a subscriber.
  4. SM-type equipment can now be assigned to subscribers via the Add Equipment in the Subscriber Dock.
  5. Assigned SM-type equipment now displays data without errors when accessed through the Subscriber Equipment dock.
  6. Changing the site location for a site equipment is now displayed correctly in the Site Location column of the Site Equipment tab.
  7. Automatic assigning of tax for newly added subscribers via Visp or signup is no longer case-sensitive for City tax criteria.
  8. Missing Package Description and Package Includes text area are now back in Package Settings.
  9. Saving SKU changes now ignores deleted equipment profiles when checking for duplicates.

UBO 7.6.112 – Oct 4, 2020 8:54 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. When adding multiple packages with the same terms consecutively, the invoice generated will now be added to the same invoice if the option to create separate invoices for each term is unchecked.
  2. Usage calculation is now improved to display more accurate data.
  3. Blank invoice is no longer created when adding of equipment charge is canceled in the Invoice Item Details window.
  4. Missing “Include deleted subscribers” checkbox is now available in Activity Report.

Visp – Oct 4, 2020 8:51 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Revenue Dashboard now displays without errors for new ISPs.
  2. Payment PDFs of the subscriber are now available as attachment options in Email Subscriber.
  3. Other setting without any sub-settings is now removed from the Settings list.
  4. Inventory Location tab is now renamed to Inventory Locations tab in Equipment Accounting Controls settings.
  5. Add attachment is now removed from the Add Inventory Location.
  6. Saving an equipment profile name now ignores deleted equipment profiles when checking for duplicates.
  7. Inventory table now displays all equipment with page numbers now displayed correctly.
  8. MAC Addresses can now be searched with or without colon symbol in the Inventory tab and Equipment Profile list.

Visp – Sep 27, 2020 12:12 PM PST


  1. Users can now add a scheduled action for late fees and suspensions that will be processed on the specified future date.
  2. IP Addresses table is now available in the IP Pool dock of the IP Management settings.
  3. Users can now edit the Subnets and view the list of IP Pools connected to it in the IP Management settings.
  4. Packages and Portals settings are now moved from the Settings page to the Visp menu.

Visp – Sep 23, 2020 11:25 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Clicking Delete on a service-connected device now removes the device field values.
  2. Serial No., MAC, IP are now displayed in the Equipment Info summary.
  3. Equipment and Service Desk tables column chooser items are now arranged properly to avoid confusion.
  4. Search results in subscribers now return no results if no match is found.
  5. Search is now improved to display subscribers that match the search values.
  6. App User column is now displayed in the New User Report snapshot.

UBO 7.6.111c – Sep 23, 2020 10:47 PM PST


  1. App User column is now added to the New User Report. In the report, “via Signup” will display in the App User column if the subscriber was added through signup.

vPortal 0.37 – Sep 22, 2020 9:59 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. If no merchant account is set up for the ISP, “Error: Credit Card payment error: NO MERCHANT ACCOUNT” error message is now displayed when processing payments through signup.
  2. Usage page in vPortal now displays usage data for Internet service with multiple MAC address.